E-Learning content is often delivered as web content and this makes it impossible to protect content successfully if it is delivered to the user's Desktop rather than only available on a website such as moodle.

We have developed two solutions to this problem:

- The "DRM wrapper for executables" is a set of software tools, written in Qt/C++ and assembly language which enable a software developer to encapsulate an executable file written by a third party in a wrapper which can be protected from unlicensed used with a sophisticated node-locked license activation scheme. This solution is only available on Windows.

- The "DRM protected web viewer" is similar to the above solution but instead of protecting an executable file it protects local website content. This solution is available on all platforms that Qt is available for (i.e. almost everywhere..)

If you are interested in using this technology for your own products please do not hesitate to contact us: BioSilico Contact Page