PreTect has been developed by BioSilico in collaboration with medical professionals. It is designed to achieve positive and on-going change to reduce the impact of disabling health conditions at work.

This software provides the user with a toolkit specific to the user's ability and both prevents injury due to repetitive strain and postural dysfunction and also protects against specific identified risks to your musculoskeletal system. The software runs in the background on each office worker’s desktop. The software then provides training, breaks and exercise reminders tailored to each worker’s disability needs, thus helping them achieve positive behaviour change and reducing their risk of pain and injury.


Pain Profiles

The user can specify areas of the body that cause pain whilst working.

Pain Avoidance

The user can specify areas of the body to exclude in the activities.


Activities Schedule

The frequency of activities can be controlled to avoid particularly busy periods.

Video Guides

When it is time to perform an activity an animated video gives detailed instructions to the user.



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